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Best Macro Photography Equipment Setups


The Macro Photography equipment described here can give professional quality macro photographs, so the rest is up to you!

There are several different ways to get macro photographs. Some equipment is expensive like macro lenses. Some cost about $20 or less like a stacking lens filter using the lenses you already have! Many of the lens and attachments described here can be used in combination for greater magnification or for a better working distance.

Consider how you would want to use your camera. Do you like the idea of going around outside, waiting for the wind to stop, the lighting to be just right, and the insect to pose for you? Natural settings can produce some of the best macro photographs, but you need a portable set up that can be quickly moved. You might not want to use a tripod. Using equipment indoors, especially with a flash, makes it easier and faster but the settings and lighting are not as natural.

Using 1X to 5X macro equipment creates the need for a tripod usually. Close up photographs 1/4X to 1X can be taken hand held much easier.

Insects get scared if you get close. If they are poisonous you might be scared! We have some really unusually orange/red colored Japanese hornets that are fun to photograph, but they are very painful! The main consideration in picking the macro equipment is the amount of magnification you want, the working distance, and portability.